Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We've been busy...

Two weeks ago my children had started a Mother's Day project. We'd painted clay flower pots, and planted marigold seeds. Because we're a little behind they might not go home right for Mother's Day.

This week we planned to make "lady bug" shakers using paper plates. So we had fun painting the plates Monday, and today glued our spots on. However I decided the plates had become a bit floppy and maybe might not stand up to being turned into shakers.

I suggested to the children giving them to Mom for Mother's Day, and this seems like a good idea to every one. I thought it might be nice to glue a  "poem" to the back - "I love you more than the spots on all the ladybugs in the world" or something like this. I'll get the children to help me with the wording for this. I'm sure their version will be better and more meaningful.


After our glueing project, we headed outside for some great play. And really there are tons of ladybugs out at this time of year - a true childhood favourite I think. 

In the afternoon, it was time to move in some mats, which our center rotates weekly. Sometimes it is a challenge to make room for the mats, but I decided to try moving shelves diagonally for a more fun feel.

I also decided to store 3 of the mats, and use just one - I usually feel "less is more", when it comes to stress free and relaxing early childhood environments.

This block shelf is close to the mats, as I found the children wanting to use the foam ones on the mat.

Today, I also added a "beauty shop" and the diagonal set up created a nice little spot for this play.
I haven't put the room in this way before, I tend to like more "blocky", straight arrangements, but I like this - it creates an inviting feel I think. The children seemed to respond well to this - and really enjoyed having a few new play ideas.It's amazing what some tweaking can do to the whole atmosphere of a room, and I think how the children play

We've had this wonderful refrigerator box for about a month now, and just moving it to a new spot, allowed the children to use it in a new way.One of our parents donated to us some great sticker paper in rolls. And we have been decorating the box, now and then. A co-worker added the letters one day. :)

Some of our ladybugs.

I thought this would be fun to post. I enjoyed rearranging abit, and the inviting effect, and the immediate change in the play and mood of my children.


Stacey said...

Isn't it funny how small changes can make the biggest effects.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Stacey, thanks for checking in here. Yes, I agree - really sometimes it just takes a few simple changes - and the children respond in new ways.

Geraldine said...

Oh fridge boxes, what memories that brought back, they were the bestest!!! LOL

I'm sure the mums will be so pleased with their one of a kind gifts.

A big hug, G

PS: Yes, I remember at the hospital, hard days when we all needed lots of hugs.

C... said...

That great big box looks like fun.

Kierna C said...

I am only reading this post now, am off school & have loads of time to catch up on these great blogs. I am so glad to 'meet' someone else who is very relaxed about things - I hate to see production lines of children making something for a particular event but not actually enjoying the process. So many times I have also got so involved in an activity that it's never ready for the actual event! Also good to know I'm not the only one who likes to move things around - the girls I work with used to joke that they would never know how the room would look each morning! Unfortunately a back injury has put a stop to this. Love looking at your photos :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Kierna,
Hope you have a GREAT summer!
Thanks for dropping by and your positive comments, I am so happy to have met you throught the bloggy world of early childhood ed.
Take care!