Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a little update

Well, I find it absolutely hard to believe that our summer is drawing to it's conclusion!
It seems not too long ago, we were lamenting a very long and cold winter, and having difficulty seeing any redemption in sight - spring was cool, and wet, but I must say that here in Saskatchewan, we've had a lovely summer.

I've been having a very nice vacation; staying at home - but recharging, reading, walking, and enjoying the wonderful gardens in my neighbourhood, playing with my two felines Herbert and Arthur, and taking an afternoon nap every day. :)

Unfortunately, for me, my computer is still not functional (it is in repair - and I am hoping to have it soon).

 Now that my son has returned from his travels - he is graciously letting me use his computer, so I can spend some time reading up on the wonderful blogs I follow.

Hoping you have had a happy season where you are!