Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rise Up Singing: Morningtown Ride

I am sharing this version of a favourite childrens' song, for a few reasons.
I enjoy the videos made by this young Montrealer. His determination to record all the songs in a song book called Rise Up and Sing is inspriring, I think. I also enjoy his down to earth approach to recording.

Matthew is of my son's generation, and I feel a connection to his songs somehow. I like that several Raffi songs have been chosen by Matthew, because I think he is a wonderful children's songwriter and performer, and has had a tremendous influence on the lives of children in Canada.

This song is a lullaby but also seems fitting for the Christmas season. I believe it is featured on Raffi's Christmas cd for children, although not written by Raffi.

I think you will enjoy this. I do plan on sharing one or two Hanukkah songs, this week, from this young man's recordings.

To view this You Tube video, just click on the words "Read More".

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