Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tissue paper tree ornaments and a favourite Christmas fingerplay

I borrowed this wonderful craft from Melissa, at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.

The process is  really enjoyable for young children. We created many balls from newspaper and masking tape, and used paper clips for the hooks.

The next step, was abit challenging for my 2 year olds. It involves painting a layer of Modge Podge , onto the newspaper, adding squares of tissue paper, and then adding another layer of Modge Podge. Melissa also used glitter, to complete the ornament.

My 2 year old children found it abit difficult to hold onto the balls when they were sticky, and as well ended up with tissue paper stuck to their fingers, and some also had Modge Podge in their hair. : )

Nevertheless we persevered, and although the finished product wasn't "perfect", they are still beautiful.

We still have alot of newspaper balls, so tomorrow, I plan to present this idea to the 4 year olds I work with in the early afternoon, while my 2 year olds are napping. I'm sure they will also enjoy this craft.

Many thanks to Melissa for this wonderful idea. I know I'll use this idea in other ways at other times. Melissa and her daughter have been so busy this month, with many inspiring ideas.

There are just so many wonderful ideas, stories, and songs to do with our children, over the holiday season; and it isn't possible to do everything.

But there is always the next year!

Here is a favourite flannel board fingerplay, I bring out every year.I adapted it from the book, Resources for Creative Teaching in Early Childhood Education, by Bonnie Mack Fleming, et al (1969)(p. 304).

Here's the childrens' Christmas tree, standing straight and tall, with a pot to keep it in so it will not fall.

Add two silver bells,
A candycane,

Three gingerbread men,
And a star for the top you see!

My young children never tire of hearing the same simple fingerplays and stories, over and over again. This is often out for them to use in their own way as well.

Wishing you very Happy Holidays, and a time of peace and joy for you and your family.


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Hi Brenda! Glad that you tried this with your kids! It would definitely be challenging for 2 year olds. I'm sure they had fun with it though....either way! The ornaments turned out beautiful! I'm still making and baking here! It is what I love though so I really cannot complain! Happy Holidays! THE 2 year olds would love the painted cookies!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in Melissa. Really, the children did have fun with this. We are definitely going to be doing this again.
I do love your painted cookies, they look like such fun!
Merry Christmas!

Kierna C said...

Brenda - these are great & best of all you know they did it themselves, I have this idea for next year as I ran out of time! Happy Christmas :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Kierna,
Thanks for dropping in!
I agree with you - the decorations and art that the children definitely made themselves are the ones to treasure!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday,
Merry Christmas!