Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Abit of what I've been up to, and a good video

One of the wonderful consequences I've found through blogging this past year, is the knowledge I've gained from reading other blogs.I've learned about places, people, and ideas I may never had the opportunity to encounter - and I am grateful for all the great things there are to learn in our world.

My work has become better, I know because of what I read and ponder, and sometimes use in my own way - and even more so for the connectedness with others who care about the education of young children. I  love meeting so many people with "like minds" when it comes to this work - because it provides encouragement to continue on. There is such great inspiration to be had through blogging!!
Herbert, who likes to co-author with me

I was surprised to see that I've been writing on this blog for just about 1 year now. I started posting  in February 2011. My son, Paul helped set  me up, which was kind and generous of  him. One of  my feline companion, Herbert assists me by lying on my right wrist while I type (all 15 lbs, of him). :) Arthur, the younger cat chooses to sleep elsewhere, or keep busy with his various toys.

Arthur who would rather play

January, this year has been a good month, at the daycare center where I work, and a challenging one. We changed over our groupings from groups by age to "family" multi-aged groupings. I didn't realize I would miss my little 2 year olds quite so much, but slowly I feel that the group of children I do have are coming together. I now have a toddler aged child, two 2 1/2 year olds, and several 4 year olds.
This picture was taken in late November. We now have abit more snow, but not much!

My group of nine children includes 4 children who have varying special needs.Although I can call the director in for assistance when needed, I am working alone with this group until various assessments are done, and then if the center receives grants for their care, we may be able to hire help for me.

Some days are abit hard at times, as there are some aggressive behaviors, and my heart hurts when children are hit or scratched, and begin not wanting to be in the room.

However, in the past three weeks I think some progress is being made, and hopefully all will work out. I am  using learning stories as a tool for teaching about behavior. A wonderful consultant came out and showed me how to use this tool. As well I found an old book called "If you're angry and you know it..." put out by Scholastic Books (I'm sorry I don't remember the author's name). This book uses the well know song, to provide some suggestions of what you can do with angry feelings, and EVERYONE is interested in this - I think could read it several times a day, and have an audience. As well the children are choosing it to look at it on their own throughout the day.

I have noticed that alot of art activities aren't happening, as I find my new special needs children love to "just"  play. There is more work to routines, which takes up a good portion of our time - but this is valuable and essential work as well.

We started easel painting this week, and every day that we do one art activity or story time, is a learning that we will build on, and I'll just continue gradually doing new things.

In time I and my children will be over the initial adjustment to one another - and I think I'll feel new energy, especially as spring certainly isn't far away.

I haven't written here often, this month, but am still reading and enjoying blogs - and thinking, learning and pondering....

I learned about the following speaker over at Tess Michaels' blog,  "Tessa Rose Natural Playspaces", and I enjoyed what he said, on a video Tess shared, so much that I looked him up on Google to learn more.

Sir Ken Robinson is an educator and writer. I have chosen another video from a Ted talk, and thought I would share it here. It is quite long, about 16 minutes, but I think he provides some good points.

Have a very good week!!  Thanks for reading! 


Kierna C said...

Lovely post again Brenda - so honest. I agree that blogging has made me a much better & more reflective teacher. I hope all settles down for you over the next few weeks. Kierna

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Great video! Thanks for sharing! Glad things are working out better with all your kids! I'm sure it is a challenge with multiple ages! That is strange that you cannot find the comment box on my page! Glad to hear from you!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for taking time to read here, and for your comment.
I do feel that I am getting better at knowing my group of children, and anticipating where difficulties may arise, before they happen.
It's always good for me to be challenged and stretch my capabilities - that's what makes life so darn interestiong!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I'm happy you enjoyed this video, and thanks for your comment. :)

Yep, I haven't been able to keep your comment box from disappearing from the screen over at your blog, for a month now. I have been reading that some others are having comme nt difficulties as well.

However, lots of people are commenting over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree, so it seems to be randomly happening - I comment easily on other blogs, too.
Funny and odd, but I think it should clear up, as I've noticed things do usually get fixed, in time on Blogger.

I keep enjoying your creative, colourful and so well presented posts - I love them - and get plenty of ideas, and as well just a great uplift from visiting!

Wishing you a good and happy week!