Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bubble wrap printmaking - with rolling pins!

I've been enjoying introducing various art activities to my new group of children this week - we've done collage, and easel painting, and as well enjoyed painting on bubble wrap, and printmaking.

I've done painting on bubble wrap with children in the past, and had the children apply the paint with their hands, to make it a fingerpainting activity. However, I felt I might have the children use paintbrushs this time, as I sensed some of the children in this group, might have a problem with the paint on their hands. As well, my time was abit limited so I also thought using paintbrushes might help make cleanup abit faster. :)  

I found the wonderful idea of using rolling pins to smooth paper over the bubble wrap, at Learning for Life. As Kierna said, the popping of the bubbles is a great sensory experience, AND the whole process is therapeutic. I tried it and loved it!  My children loved using the rolling pins, and I  know I will use this again
and again.

I brought these rolling pins from home, and the bottom one was my mother's so it is at least 56 years old, I think. I know she would be happy to have it provide enjoyment for children. I don't make pie too often at home, and will just need to buy a new one for home, because these are staying where we can make good use of them!

My children were delighted with their finished print! I am sure that they will continue to enjoy printmaking, and we'll think up new ways to make prints in the coming weeks.

The next day, I had a visit with some of the older "veterans" of my group and room, children who had spent approximately a year with me...and I always enjoy seeing them revisit the old toys, and items which they recall from their time. It always feels to me like they are visiting a beloved  time in their lives, which makes me feel so happy, and rewarded.

Two boys put their heads together to fashion a bed for the two black cats.  The two black cats have been in the room for 3 years, and are often a favourite of certain children. Both of these children like playing with the cats when they visit me.I commented on the interesting "headboard", and was told "No it's a thing so the cats won't fall out of bed."

And isn't this interesting?!

I'm curious to see what the following week will bring us - hopefully lots of painting; sensory exploration; stories; songs; dancing; outdoors; and laughter.

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Kierna C said...

So glad you had a go at this - isn't it fun! I hope you & your class have lots of more fun this year & keep well, Kierna