Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's new for me

 Here is today's post from over at Mullin Avenue Workshop. I've decided to discontinue posting here, and at my other blog -it feels like 1 year has been a good run for me.
I've really had so much fun blogging, and the best part of it was meeting nice people from all around the world. My first "follower", was the wonderful Jenny from "Let the Children Play". She followed me after I'd left her a comment, and she was welcoming, and supportive. Jenny loves the "bloggy world" of early childhood education and her enthusiasm is catching!

I know I'm not alone in feeling appreciation for her AND  "Let the children play".

I will certainly continue to read blogs, and use them mostly as my tool for personal reflection and growth in my work. I'm sure I will comment now and then, as well! :)

Thank you friends for your wonderful support, and for reading along with me here!

In the following post I've written abit more about what I hope to do with my "precious" time. :)

Bessie and her dog Spot
I've been enjoying blogging now for just about 1 year, and I've had a whale of a time - learning the ins and outs of Blogger, making friends, reading so many interesting blog posts...which truly has made my world so much bigger.

Presently I will not be writing posts here or at my early childhood blog, I've decided that one year was enough for me.
I'm not very computer literate, and do find some of the ins and outs of writing blog posts abit difficult and time consuming.I work 8 to 4 and sometimes found myself struggling away up until 1 at night - well I know you get the picture.

This past 2 weeks I spent less time on the computer and felt noticeably fresher and energetic for my day.

As well, although I'd hoped to use this medium to write creatively, I'm not.

I AM writing when I post, however and this is definitely a good exercise.

I think I just need to do much of nothing for some time - working, walking, reading, certainly but also just nothing, daydreaming and wool gathering. I may choose not to write, or I might start writing at any time.

I have some projects in mind...

I might like to continue making illustrations to accompany stories by my friend Bessie. Bessie was a short story writer, and the Registrar for the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) most of her life. I met her when she was 90, back in 1991, and she shared with me wonderfully animated tales of the life on the farm where she grew up.
We taped these, I transcribed them, and have done some drawings, and fabric art to illustrate them.I think her stories are wonderful, and would make an interesting childrens' book. I know my drawings aren't the best, but I just enjoy the process.

Bessie told a charming story of her dog Spot, and how he thought he could get into the house if he brought in wood, just as she and her brother did.

I loved her tale of the time the northern lakes froze all at once, causing a mass migration of Canada Geese all at once. There was a news report that the geese landed in one American town in mass, and there was not room on the streets for motor cars, or on the sidewalks to walk. This story does remind me abit of a tale from the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", about the ducks that froze in a lake and flew away together taking the lake with them.

I'm interested in the possibilities of this project.

As well, I'm enjoying several crochet projects, I have 2 baby blankets in the works, and I'd like to try some soft crochet animals and a sweet girl's sweater for my youngest niece.

I tried the Lumosity program recently and loved it, and hope to enroll in this and use it on a regular basis.

The days are getting longer and the weather is so mild that I've been able to start walking home from work, and within a month I might begin walking to work - I'm really looking forward to this. The walking path I take is so beautiful, and the exercise is so beneficial to me.

I am loving reading on the Kindle, I'm just finishing "True Colours" by Kristen Hannah, which is the second book I've now read of hers. I first read "Magic Hour", after reading Teri's review of it at Goodreads. Kristen tells a very good story, and "True Colours" has lots of twists and surprises.

I now have 122 books on my Wish List, so I know I won't run out of reading material. The next book I plan to download is "Irma Voth", by Mirian Toews, who is a writer from Manitoba, Canada. She is an excellent writer, who won the Governor General's Award in Canada for her work (one of two major literary awards in Canada).

There is such a wide variety of books to select through the Kindle store, and I've downloaded some crochet books, as well as books on teaching. I'm presently rereading "Between Parent and Child" by Dr. Haim Ginott, and love it.

I've found books I'd forgotten about until I set my mind to remembering favourite books from the past, and have added "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", and "Black Like Me" onto my wish list.

And I will continue to read over at various blogs at least once per week, and I'm sure I will find lots to say in my comments to you. LOL

Soon we will be thinking of flowers and gardening, and I'm looking forward to seeing these large pots of marigolds once again, at our neighbour's driveway. I am planning to ask to dig up a little spot in our largely neglected backyard (just grass), and plant sunflowers, poppies and bachelor buttons. I'd love to plant day lilies at the front of our building too. I'm pretty sure this will be approved, as we are a very easy going condo association.

Sharing the antics of my two feline friends has been one of the more enjoyable parts about writing posts...we do all love our pets, and animals really give us so much in return. I plan to spend more time just chilling out, reading in the company of my two wise cats.

Arthur is an amazing cat I must say. He was a little stray, who made himself welcome on a neighbour's step by jumping up into their arms. Then he followed me home, and made himself right at home there. My son tends to prefer dogs, but Arthur has won him over, he follows Paul around, and waits for him outside his bedroom door. When both Arthur and Herbert hear Paul's car pull into the parking lot, they seem to know if it's him, and stand at the door waiting for him. (They only will do this for Paul, they will perk their ears when someone pulls in, but don't get excited if it's not Paul.) I guess their senses are so much better than us humans, when it comes to hearing.
Herbert is "The Boss" - he's been a good friend now to two dogs, and Arthur - he doesn't seem to have a jealous bone in his body. He was at the Humane Society when I adopted him, and he'd been in for many, many weeks, so I knew he was the one for me. Herbert is a treasure - really I believe my son Paul loves him abit more than Arthur - and Paul claimed to prefer dogs. :)
This year I learned that I have close family connections to a Metis leader from Manitoba back in the 19th century - this was definitely an eye opener to me, and did explain some things for me about my mother's French Canadian family. I've made some lovely connections with some people through this, and hope to one day visit Winnipeg to see a museum called The Old Mill. My great great great great grandfather, Cuthbert Grant made the first water mill for flour, in Manitoba, and as well was a respected and trusted "medicine man" - in this I mean he had studied medicine when in Scotland, and brought his knowledge to the people of southern Manitoba. His box of medicine and supplies is at the museum, I believe. A great great great grandfather was a Member of the Legislative Assembly in these days in Manitoba, Pascal Breland. I might take time to explore some of these connections more.

I do plan to read a book called "A Good Man" by Guy Vanderhaeghe. This is the last of a trilogy of books he's written about settling the west in the 19th century, and it's filled with interesting, eccentric, heroic people, and he describes all the political, social, and human dilemmas in how the west came to be settled. A friend let me know that an individual, Pierre Leveille is a character in the book. Pierre Leveille was a a Metis scout who was well known and respected as a skillful mediator between the Cree and the French/Metis settlers. He was also know for his size - apparently over 6 feet, and about 350 lbs. I'm looking forward to reading about this great great great uncle.

I took this picture of a lovely sunset back in the fall, when I was walking home from work. The building's windows reflect the sky so nicely at all times. Can you see the tipi - the top poles show through at the top. The foyer has a large tipi constructed of glass - it must look grand, some day I plan to go inside and take a look. This is the First Nations University - the first of it's kind in Canada - although I think there may be more now. I like that it is placed right on the prairie, and it's natural, curved lines. There are interesting things to see - a garden with traditional plants used for medicines, a prayer wheel, and near by is an area which is being restored back to the indigenous prairie grasses and plants.

Seeing, this every day on my way to work, and back is always a pleasure to me. It's also a little reminder that one day I hope to return to take a few interesting classes in history, or social work, or whatever strikes my fancy.

The absolutely best part of blogging has been meeting wonderful friends - I will not forget you, and as I said, will be visiting you frequently. :)

One wise blogging friend suggested that I post what I like, and not worry about pleasing everyone - and really this is such good advice for blogging and living.

I am going to leave you with a song video, by Willie Nelson. Not liked by many that read here, I think - but I've come to enjoy his music in the last while. However I believe the song is so pretty, and the video accompanying it is very nice.I hope you might enjoy it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Oops, Herbert told me I forgot the Headbonks times two!!! :)

Love and Hugs!!!


Kierna C said...

Hi Brenda & goodbye! I hope you will keep in touch via email, as I have enjoyed our chats over the past year. Good luck with all that you do in the future. Kierna

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I will be definitely keeping in touch, and as well visiting at Learning for Life.
I truly think that what I enjoyed most about blogging was reading other blogs, for ideas, and inspiration, so I'll be continuing this part of blogging.
Good luck to you and your wonderful school as well!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I received your comment in my inbox but somehow it didn't come up here.
Thanks for dropping in!
I will certainly be reading over at TessaRose's Playscapes, now and then!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Dear friends,
Please free to drop me a line now and then,
My email address is :

jenny said...

I'll certainly miss you and your posts Brenda, but understand completely. I had a 6 week break from the computer over the holidays and found I didn't miss it at all! Thank you for the lovely mention of Let the Children Play :) I hope you'll still pop by to comment and stay in touch.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, and I will certainly continue to drop in for inspiration and sheer enjoyment!

Pam Bergman said...

Brenda- I actually saw this post much earlier than this...and then life happened...and I forgot to leave a comment! I completely understand your need for a break! (I've had to give myself several mini...or longer ones!) I hope you come back and post again even if only once in a great while! You always leave wonderful comments on my blog as well! Feel free to e-mail- anytime! I'd love to hear how you are doing!

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Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thank you Olympic station park.
It was nice to have you visit.