Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Quiet Afternoon was cold today, and windy, so we stayed in. The children were pretty tired, as we'd been to the gym in the morning and they'd run, run, and run, and thrown balls and just had lots of good fun.

So, we came back, had lunch, and the kids settled in for a nap. Normally the children are awake between 2:00 and 2:45, but today I decided to let them sleep til they woke on their own. I opened the blinds and moved around making abit of noise, to help them wake, and slowly they got up. First Sara, (all names changed) was up, and just played abit, then Nina, and so I gave these 2 their snack, then Helana woke and came to eat. It was so nice to allow the children to wake gradually, and I think we three just savoured the intimate, gentle time.At 3:30 we still had one more child sleeping, and although I wouldn't ususally let the child sleep this long it just felt alright.

Three children from another group then joined us, and I started to wake Jenna, who seemed surprised to find her friends playing but also it felt like a natural, comfortable way to wake this day.While she was in the bathroom her Mom and Dad came, and they were happy to stay and let her eat her snack. She enjoyed the special time having Mom and Dad sit with her while she ate, and the other children played  at cooking in the kitchen center; painting at the easel; building towers with Wedgits (and knocking them down) - and this was a precious interlude in a usually pretty busy time of day.

Later the girls who were "cooking", spread  a blanket on the floor and set up a picnic, and we feasted on "pudding" - the perfect ending to any day!

Just thought it would be nice to share a pleasant daycare moment.


Geraldine said...

It's great to read about kids really getting into exercise and play. It seems to be a big problem (no pun intended) now that kids are increasingly becoming couch potatoes and also addicted to their computers. When we were kids, we played for hours every day, usually outside. And yes, slept like babies too! This was a nice, optimistic post to read.

Early Childhood Education and Common Sense said...

Thanks Ger, I appreciate you looking in!I wholeheartedly agree, my childhood memeories involve a lot of play, primarily outside.