Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reflections on reading several early childhood education blogs

Well, this past weekend, I decided to learn more about the blogging world, and chose to look at the wonderful blog," Let the Children Play", and so I emailed Jenny, to find a whole new world of bloggers, with a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and a network of colleagues.Thanks so much Jenny for taking the time to reply to me, and for passing my infor. on to a few of your friends.

I'm seeing the great potential for learning and sharing in the blogging community.

I'd like to thank those who took the time to look at my blog.

I can't begin to read all the good blogs available, but so far, I've of course enjoyed Jenny's blog "Let the Children Play", I can really understand your need to find shade and water play for cooling, In Saskatchewan summers the temp. often gets to the high 30's (not often 40 though) We have a weather policy that we must stay in if the temp. is 27 or over, but I notice that in your center you are out all times, so shade would be essential.

I thoroughly LOVE all your photos from both your center, and from other resources, thanks so much for the inspiration!! I intend to try and implement some of the water play ideas this coming summer. And the photos on play poles are incredibly creative. I really want to do some things like this in our play area.

Moving north I would like to thank Annie, from Child Central Station for taking the time to comment on my blog, and I really enjoy your photos, as well as all your good ideas.Your children are fortunate that you relish play, and it seems aren't afraid of the cold weather. I love that you find different ways of playing with, and in snow.In Saskatchewan we too have LOTs of snow, and it will last until the middle of April, most likely. I plan to use koolaid in my snow paint from now on, I like that it also smells good. Annie you have so many good ideas, and I like your features such as What to do with it Wednesdays., And your feature on fort Fridays is nice.And you bring in other sources so well. Thank you for your list of blogs, there is truly so much available now to find ideas, and inspiration. You are inspiring and really heroic I think with all your snow activities. I also just want to mention your cardboard sleds, and track makers, which I think are great.

Thank you Karen for posting a comment.

Geraldine thanks so much for your help and encouragement to me as I started the blog, and for of course your good advice for my cats Arthur and Herbert. I really enjoy reading your blog My Real Life Review; it gives food for thought. And it's so nice to reconnect with you after a few years. Thank you Ger for dropping in and posting your supportive comments. I hope our connection will continue over time, it means alot to find old friends.

Well this is all for now, I think I'll read abit more, and may have more to write tomorrow!
 All the best!!!


child central station said...

Thanks for stopping by and mentioning my blog too! I love the online community and all of the inspiration I find on a daily basis. Being in Upper Michigan, we could easily have snow well into April too! I look forward to following along in your adventure :). (By the way, it's Amy. I know it is easy to get confused with all of the different blogs out there!)

Geraldine said...

And it's great to reconnect with you too Brenda! I think your blog is going to be a great resource. Much success and enjoy the blogging journey, it can be so much fun too!