Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reminder List

As I've read various wonderful ideas this week, on some of the blogs I've followed, I've said to myself, "Remember to try this."

So I've decided to be sure and remember when the season or time comes, by putting these ideas down here:

- totem poles from coffee cans, from Amy's blog, "Child Central Station", start collecting, and think of a way to make it stand secure in our play structure;

- butterflies from laundry detergent jugs;

- more creative outdoor play ideas I found on Jenny's blog, "Let the Children Play" , such as mudpie kitchen, outdoor shade spots, play poles,

- using koolaid powder for snow paint, from Child Central Station;

- Buddy bears from the blog "Flights of Whimsy", this is something I want to start now

- read more about "progressive education", because it resonates with my beliefs, and I want to learn more;

- keep reading all the blogs for wise, sane, and positive food for thought .


Geraldine said...

That's a good list Brenda. I'd like to see the butterflies from the laundry detergent containers, they sound intriguing. If your group make these, maybe you can share a photo here.

Have a Happy Day! G

Early Childhood Education and Common Sense said...

Hi Ger, It's always nice to have you drop by, with your encouraging thoughts! I will definitely take photos. I need to buy a digital camera, as I'd like to post photos of other projects, environments as well. (note to self - hint to son Paul, my bithday is coming up).

To find a photo of these butterflies now, you could look on Child Central Station, as Amy has instructions, and photos of the ones her children make.

Happy Thoughts back at you!

rachelle @ tinkerlab said...

Hi Brenda,
I just popped over here from Let the Children Play, and thought you might like to know about a great resource for such lists: Pinterest. Do you know about it? Here's a link to my pinterest page, to give you an idea of how I've been organizing some of the amazing ideas I find around the web.