Sunday, November 20, 2011

Music Monday

I enjoy music with my small group of children.We listen to an eclectic mix of music.

We listen to several good children's singers such as Raffi, Fred Penner, and Hap Palmer.

As well, we listen to The Beatles; Feist; Yo Yo Ma; Anne Murray; Celine Dion and a cd my cousin made for me of old songs from the 1960's. This selection has songs such as "My Boyfriend's Back"; "It's My Party"; "Stand by Me"; "A Ticket to Ride", and my children absolutely love dancing to the simple beat of these songs, almost as much as me.

Each year I find that the children in my group define themselves as a unique group with a definite personality with interests, and tastes in books, art, and music that is different from the group from the year before.

Last year I had a group of children with a strong interest in a Baby Einstein cd of classical music which I'd purchased. We would get on the dresses from the dress up corner, (everyone even the boys), get the bells and shakers and dance rather delicately to this cd. Just this past week I had the pleasure to have most of this group of children visiting me temporarily while their teacher was away, and they immediately had me put on the Baby Einstein cd, and enjoyed some great dance time. I love seeing my "old" children return and really enjoy their time doing the "old" things.

Several years ago one of my children brought a Feist cd from home, and that became the favourite music for much of the year. We would dance to "1234", and for some reason what seemed to go with this was scarves, and throwing the scarves in the air .The children liked most of the songs on this cd, and even though some of the lyrics may have been adult; I felt that with their age, what they wanted was the rhythm, and sound of Feist's voice, and that the words might go over their heads. So we danced with abandon and joy almost every day to "Sea Lion Woman".

This month we have started listening to some seasonal cd's (a little earlier than usual), and Raffi's "Jingle Bells" is very popular. My favourite seasonal cd for sometime now is by Kenny Loggins. It just touches my soul somehow, and I like to play it at certain quieter times of day. It is not a children's cd but I like my children to enjoy some relaxing music now and then as they might if at home.

Another Kenny Loggins cd which I love and have used off and on for years at nap time, is Return to Pooh Corners.I have found that my children enjoy the soothing music and as well the lyrics, while slowly being lulled to sleep.

I thought I would like to share some of the music on this cd here,.One of the songs I like is "The  Horses". 
This cd was I believe made for Loggins' young son in 1994, and won a Grammy Award. There is a very nice selection of songs on this cd such as "BlackBird"; "All the Pretty Horses"; and "The Rainbow Connection".

I love music of all kinds, and so have decided to make Mondays here on this early childhood blog, "Music Monday", just so that I can write about the songs I love, and as well share some of them. I plan to share more songs from this cd, as well as, others; and to try to learn about the origins of some famous children's songs.

I hope you might enjoy, and come Mondays to read along, and share with me some of your favourite songs.



Geraldine said...

I certainly enjoyed Sir Paul this morning, over at your other blog, thank you! :<)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Geraldin,
Thanks, for checking in.
I'm very glad you enjoyed Paul McCartney singing "Blackbird". It is a favourite song of mine.