Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Song of Thanks

I want to wish my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving this week. I am very thankful to have met you.
This is childrens' songwriter, and performer Raffi,and his song Thanks Alot.


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Thanks Brenda! Canada has a Thanksgiving too, right? Is it similar to what the United States celebrates? Just curious.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Melissa!
We in Canada have Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October every year. Many people visit family and we as well have turkey dinner, etc.
It is a celebration of the harvest,as in the States. However I don't think it is quite as "big" as it is usually a one day celebration. My sense is that in the States you enjoy the week as a time of celebration with Thursday as the actual day.
Do many people also take part in Black Friday?
This year for Thanksgiving dinner, my son and I invited friends for dinner, and we ordered Vietnamese food, as we're not overly fond of turkey.
Thanks for dropping in, wishing you and your husband, and Cassie a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lorraine said...

You have warmed my heart, thanks a lot to you :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in.

Pam said...

Hi Brenda! Just stopped by to tell you I gave you the Kreative Blogger Award! You can see it here- http://howlongisthishall.blogspot.com/2011/10/two-great-blogger-awards-one-big-thanks.html