Friday, November 18, 2011

Shivering and Bone Tired

Shivering and Bone Tired:

This evening, after work, I had one small errand to do on my way home; well, really it was an important one - picking up food for my felines. I needed to - I would have heard no end of complaint if I'd not brought home the kibble.

In my city, the buses tend to follow quite circuitous routes, and getting to a destination often involves backtracking, and transferring a few times. I was tired, so I phoned my son, to see if he was just possibly in the area, and would be interested in picking his Mom up. I tend to sound casual when calling "just to see", because I both value my own independence, and by the same token don't want to take him for granted.

Paul, was already home, so I said, no worries, I'd see him later, probably Saturday, as he works late Fridays.

The ride to the local pet store, was short and not eventful . And darn, I still can't find "Taste of the Wild" cat food! This is the second store I've looked at! Oh, well the cat's like their "Go" food, which is grain free and healthy for them. So, I purchased kibble, and a few cans of their favourite flavours by "Go", and walked a short distance to the grocery store.

Made a couple of purchases at the grocery store, and walked through the indoor mall to the outdoor bus stop. By this time, the sun had set and the temperature had dropped noticeably, and there was a wind. Our buses are quite infrequent, as well as circuitous, and traffic often crawls once the roads are icy, so waiting for a bus is often an uncertain activity. My spirits were starting to drop abit, when I noticed a woman around my age, walking along at a chipper rate, using a cane as a walking aid. And what a lovely cane, it was decorated prettily with flowers, in tones of blue. I mentioned to her, what a nice cane, and she said, "Yes, I wanted to be sure always to see it, and not forget it." We shared a few more, words, and when she saw my bus, she pointed it out to me and hurried me along. This is common practice, in cold winter Saskatchewan, other's are usually happy for you when your bus arrives, even if their's is not here. They smile, and wave, and they stand and wait. They never begrudge another's good fortune.

So, I stayed on this bus for some time, heading "downtown", to wait at the next transfer point

Darn, I missed my connecting bus by just a second or so!

At this point as I noticed others get on several buses which pulled in, and out of the spot, I found myself feeling noticeably cold, and tired - bone tired. I found myself beginning to entertain negative why didn't Paul, my son, "offer" to pick me up, he should have known I'd be tired. And what about these bus drivers, my bus was probably early...the buses are never on schedule...and here I am stuck on this cold "godawful" night...well this weekend is sure getting off to a perfect start...

Hmmm...time to slow down, another, wiser voice said...Remember you are wearing warm clothing, boots, and mitts; you have a well paying job, that allows you to buy food for yourself and the two cats; you have a warm, enjoyable home to go to, and books to read; you have a son who likes you...Take some deep breaths. All is well, you are more fortunate than you know.

And so I chose to stop the negative rant for abit, and notice my surroundings; really quite beautiful in a cold, austere way. The stop is right at the side of an old Anglican Cathedral, and a columbarium - a place where the cremated remains of the dead are kept. A few times this year it has reminded me that there will be a time for all of us with no troubles, but really for now life is preferrable.

The old brick chuch has some very ornate stained glass windows, that are quite interesting to look at.

And I noticed one tree, with seeds still attached to it's branches - possibly an ash tree. And the seeds seemed to really be shivering, which was also interesting. I've seen leaves, and seeds shake, and tremble in wind, but these seemed to be shivering with the cold and wind combined. And the wood was extremely interesting with some knots, and twists...and before I knew it I was imagining how someone who knows how to write poetry could make a lovely poem just from the wood on the tree.

At this point I thought that blogging has really changed the way I think, because I'm here in the godawful cold, waiting for a bus, that I don't know when it will ever get here - and I'm noticing how pretty and intricate the wood in this barren tree is.

So, I cheered up immensely, and went to talk to a young man, who seemed to be shut off in his own world with his I-pod, to just ask him what bus he was waiting for.And he politely smiled, removed his earphone, and told me, and asked me mine. And when I went to look at the schedule just to move around and stay warm; he came and pointed out to me when mine would arrive. So I waited a while longer and several people arrived, buses came and left. And just as I noticed mine had pulled up, I happened to glance over to the young man, with I-pod, and he was smiling at me, and waving, and pointing to indicate to me, "You're bus"!!

And at this point I felt that I will make it through this winter, with the help and goodwill of other cold and bone tired people just like me. Hopefully I will extend some goodwill as well!
And the weekend looks to be turning out just fine!


Tess Michaels said...

A little kindness goes a long way and very often comes from unexpected sources. It can be a tonic to the cynicism that creeps in.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I agree with you absolutely 100%!
Thanks for reading here, today!