Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday - An Ordinary Day

Monday mornings are always busy, and also fun, as we all return from the weekend. We hug and smile abit more than usual. And then get going with the business of  being together.

Today, the kids played while I made up the nap cots ( parents take laundry home every Friday), and we make up cots on Monday for the week.My children are always interested in this process, enjoying to help, and taking notice of their own cot.

Then we prepared dough for sugar cookies, adding green food colour as they will be part of our party food Thurs. for St. Pat's Day. I later put our cookie dough in the fridge to chill, and we'll roll the dough, and cut with shamrock cookie cutters, and bake next day.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch of perogies, ham, and green string beans. Mmmm.

Down for nap.

Up for snack, and then some play, and routines, and then the best part of this day - outside and it was plus 3 outside. The snow is melty and sticky, there are small slush puddles on the sidewalks!!!!

A great way for us to end our day, and we even built a "baby" snowman!

I've been enjoying looking at the small gifts, and collections on several blogs. Collections are always fascinating I think, Just recently I was remembering collections I had as a child. Mom smoked, and used matches in book form, so for a long time I used to collect match book covers, and the kind she purchased seemed to feature flowers, so I just loved this, and would sort them, and also I think classify them a bit. These were a treasure for me.
Also in the summer I have vivid recollections of quite involved collections of stones, and my friends and I also enjoyed using a hammer to crush them, and collected the powders of the stones.(We didn't use safety goggles and it's probable our adults didn't know about this).

I know I've been aware of the little sortings, of my children but  I'm going to watch for awhile to see what my children may be interested in collecting and sorting.

Just a note, I've started a new blog for my creative writing self, called MullenAvenueWorkshop, but I'm having trouble separating the blogs, so when I leave a comment on your blog, it show up as MullenAvenueWorkshop. Time for me to ask my son for some assistance -  he's so good to me!


Geraldine said...

Congrats on the new blog, I hope it's a wonderful experience in many ways.

Collections are so much fun. I collect shells, cat figurines, old jewelry pieces etc...I love all things vintage and with a story to tell.It is fun to see what other people collect. They all tell a lot about the collector I think.

Hoping Blogger is cooperating now! G

MullenAvenueWorkshop said...

Thanks Ger, yes it may have been a more general problem - as I had some difficulty leaving a comment last evening on a blog, as well.
Seems to be functioning well now!
Have a great week, my friend!