Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading about Capes

I've just been reading through some of Teacher Tom's wonderful posts, and feel like I just want to start over, I agree with him, Why not allow capes?

There was a good comment re: capes from the two wonderful bloggers from Irresistable Ideas for Playbased Learning, re: that children want costumes and particularly capes for good reason. Why have I been such a stickler for enforcing a no cape, no super hero rule? I suppose because I have a fear of things getting out of hand and someone getting hurt, but perhaps I'm also afraid of losing my adult authority.

I'm having one of those days where I'm feeling that I'm a too serious, over conscientious person. but this is also sometimes a good time to make changes.I am a stickler for almost all rules, which causes my co-workers to sometimes roll their eyes, and for me to get pretty bored with myself; and is probably a way for me to feel control, but at some point when I can't stand myself any longer, I can ease up, and that's when I learn to relax and get back to having fun, because teaching small children is really about having fun with the kids.

This week reading the creative, energetic and enthused writing about early childhood education, I've seen so much I'd like to try.

I want to try the Little Worlds play boxes from Let the Children Play and Teacher Tom; the Cat and the Hat snack from Child Care Station with strawberries and banana, as well as the fishing snack using pretzl sticks, cream cheese, and fish crackers (such a great ideas); I want to sew some capes for my kids like the ones from Teacher Tom's school; do some fun science activities , and more creative art    (the eyedropper art from Flights of Whimsey using black pen was very nice).

I did do some indoor snow painting using koolaid paint which my children loved, and I was able to find some spray bottles, and they enjoyed using them alot. 

I really, really loved reading Child in Harmony - so many positives and beautiful pictures.

I'm enjoying reading Take a Happy Break, Thanks Geraldine!!!

We're having some of the coldest days in 100 to 130 years here in Saskatchewan, and I think the staying indoors is starting to be abit too tiresome for everyone I know.

But soon spring will be here, as Child in Harmony reminds us in a very wonderful way.

I just want to express gratitude to the people who share their creativity on their blogs, and allow me to follow along, and as well to those who have checked in with me, and written comments.I've come to look forward to checking in with you every evening, and reading about your day.


child central station said...

Brenda- Your insight reminds me that people do the best they can with what they have and what they know. When we know better, we do better :). I'm always growing and learning and challenging my "norms" and guidelines. I think that is one of the best aspects of working with children. They are always growing and learning too, and unlike a lot of "blown-ups" I've met, they aren't afraid to try something different and to see if it works! So much of what we do as educators is to trust and celebrate the process!

Early Childhood Education and Common Sense said...

Amy - Thanks for your comment! It's really nice to hear from you!

Geraldine said...

We all need to relax more, learn not to sweat the small stuff and also to play more. You are in a great place there Brenda,with children reminding you on a weekly basis how much fun it really is to play, imagine and create. Thanks for the blog mention. Take A Happy Break has been a joy for me to create and I hope my readers will find joy stopping by too.

Happy Weekend, G