Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Busy, Happy Day

Well we had a great morning  working on Easter egg baskets. These we made from yogourt containers. I saved some from the Yoplait brand, as they have a nice curved shape, and are made from a plastic that has abit of a matte finish, so I thought they'd work well for painting. I cut them down for my children, and then cut small snips all along the edge, which then I bent down,(like grass), and used a thin strip of the leftover plastic for a handle.

We used acrylic paint, and the kids enjoyed this alot. Interestingly I find that my children always paint the inside of containers, before the outside. And sometimes they aren't as interested in painting the outside.

When we colour an egg each, they'll then have a small basket to take their egg home in.

I'm really hoping to buy a camera soon, and start posting some of our art work. My son says once I get a camera, there will be no stopping me.  :)

This little project will do for our Earth Day art, as we recycled the yogourt containers quite nicely. And on Thursday, we'll plant our marigold seeds in the plant pots we painted last week, which I think will be another good way to celebrate Earth Day.

This afternoon, after nap, snack, and abit of indoor play, we headed outside. The sand is nice and wet with all the snow we had yesterday, and the children are rediscovering the satisfaction of sitting in the sandbox and digging - filling pails, and making sandcastles.Our hearts are growing lighter as we play outside in the sun, and the marvelous, changing spring weather every day.


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Your Easter baskets sound wonderful! Can't wait to see the pics! You do great job of describing them so I can just imagine right now! You seem like such a caring teacher----what a gift to your children!
Take care! We've had cold fall days here! Can't wait for warmer Spring!

MullenAvenueWorkshop said...

We have cold fall weather too, hopefully spring isn't far!
Thanks for dropping in!