Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colouring our eggs and preparing nest building materials for birds

The last few days I've been graced with having two older children join my group, temporarily as their teacher has been busy doing other things.

I enjoy the chance to reconnect with children I don't see often, and the older children usually love helping out the little ones.

Today I and the two older ones enjoyed getting our bird nest building station fuinished as we snipped more pieces of yarn and straw. We still haven't got it out yet, but hopefully tomorrow we'll hang it on a tree from which we can observe from our windows.

We coloured our hard cooked eggs with regular food colouring - most using two colours which created a very pretty effect. They did look very pretty set in the egg baskets we created yesterday. We have been playing in a sensory table filled with shredded blue and red paper, and plastic eggs, and various little toys. So we used some of this shredded paper for our "easter grass"

P.S. Origami cranes:
An art student at the university created a fundraiser for the Red Cross to assist Japan. She made 1000 paper cranes, and put them on display at a coffee house in our city. I was able to have one for a donation, and now have it hanging in my daycare room. In May I hope to have my children make some version of these cranes.
I hope soon to post a picture of this lovely crane. I found her effort inspirational, and was so glad to see this.

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