Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Photos of our Room at the Daycare

At our daycare center, each group has it's own room, and so each teacher tries to provide as much as possible  to meet the developmental needs of their children in one room. We rotate toys, and pieces of furniture, so that we don't always have housekeeping, as an example, but may still offer another sort of dramatic play. We don't always get everything in but we do a pretty good job of meeting our group's interests and needs.

So since I've got a new camera I took some photos today. They're not of the best quality, but give some idea of our space.

A view of the whole room.

We created coffee filter art with q-tips and food colouring.
Door stars from India. When someone enters the room they will bring in only positive feelings, and thoughts. :) The children refer to them as twinkle stars.

This is a new piece of furniture for dress up clothes.
Kitchen Area

We enjoyed making these Rice I Spy Bottles with pom poms

I provide lots of labels with photos on my shelves to help my children with clean up.
Here in the block area we have a pattern for stacking blocks.

We made these birds with origami paper and glue. I borrowed the idea from Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree, and her potato print birds.
A parent picked this refrigerator box up for us, and we love it.
This origami bird was made by a university arts student, who created 1000 cranes for Japan. She donated her proceedings through the
Red Cross. I hung this in our room and I plan to do some origami with my children next month.
This is art we created with the tops of pop bottles, and tissue paper. They look nice hanging in the sunlight, I think. My children LOVE creating with glue.
We spent several sessions snipping yarn, and straw to make a nest building station for birds.
Then we hung the nest building station outside. We check lots to see if birds are helping themselves to the material. So far we haven't observed this. I'm not sure if this will work.
We have three large windows in our room, which makes for good light.
A view of the reading corner. I really love this wooden bench, and the children do too.

We made these baskets from yogourt containers, and used them to take home our coloured eggs.
Our center recently purchased one visual timer for each group. They are helpful to help the kids see the time pass, it reminds me of the old sand timers, in a way.

Just a last whole view of our room.

Hope you might have enjoyed this. It's great to have a chance to share some photos!


Stacey said...

I love to see other classrooms! I like your natural baskets--I have plastic ones. It's nice to have big windows for natural light. I have never thought about using the tops of plastic pop bottles for a collage base. All of it is very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

Brenda- what a wonderful space (especially that reading bench-looks like a wonderful space to join friends and read)! I also love seeing photos of other classrooms. I love the idea of the nest building material...we may have to borrow that one! Hope you have some little birds to watch soon!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks Stacey for dropping in, and leaving your comment.At one daycare where I worked for 16 years, where we were very down to earth, and simple - we used large dish pans for toys, etc. as they were easy to clean, and also to label for the kids. However, in Saskatchewan we have been encouraged to go towards natural baskets, etc. They do look nice, but also have a few disadvantages such as hygiene ( I spray them with disinfectant), and also they aren't too durable. But I think really what counts is the quality of attention, and teaching we give to our environment, more than the more transitory things like - baskets or plastic pans(?) What do you think?

Pam, Thanks for dropping in!
And for your comments!

I just love checking in with both of you. It was fun to share.

Geraldine said...

Looks like a lovely environment to work in. I'm so glad to see you are able to share photos too, great work Brenda!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in Geraldine!
Good to see yoo back!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Hi Brenda! Yay! It s Great to see pictures! Your place looks wonderful! What an inviting place for children! Love the little yogurt baskets and pop bottle hangings! Thanks so much for leaving wonderful comments on my snail post! My Father is an amazing man and has played a huge role in my creative talents! He continues to inspire! Love your ideas for play dough too! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more of your pictures! Leo Lionni is one of the best!!! I agree!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for looking in here, Melissa!
You are so fortunate with your dad!
Your posts are really a highlight of my day, and a joy to read!

Kierna C said...

Brenda - love the photos & you know what I know what you meant when you posted on my blog - I feel I could walk into your setting & feel at home too - is it a pre-school thing? I love that we have lots of the same things too - the blocks for instance, tho' mine are still very new looking. Might have to borrow your bottle lid art idea - it's brilliant. Thanks for sharing :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for reading here, and your really generous comments!

I thinks it's so wonderful to be able to share with one another through blogging. We can see our similarities and also learn from one another. How great is that?!

You are doing really great things with your children, and I enjoy reading along.