Friday, April 8, 2011

More Springtime fun

Yesterday morning we found that our puddles had frozen over once again, and the children enjoyed the lines created by the ice. Interestingly we found that when cracked the ice more often than not formed circles. These circles shattered in intricate, quite pretty lines, (sort of like mandalas created by nature). The children also found a ladybug under the ice, as well as leaves, twigs and rocks - one child with wonder in his voice wondered if one longish twig was a snake. I love the ability of small children to wonder.

Some of us also found that the water lying under the ice could be fairly deep, and icy cold. :) And then how good to go inside and  remove those wet socks, and pull on comfy, warm and dry socks.

This was the sum of our outdoor play - simple, but you never know what children will take fom something that may seem quite ordinary to adults.


Geraldine said...

Happy Weekend Brenda. Ched says thanks for the great compliment too.

MullenAvenueWorkshop said...

Hi Ger!
You too!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

This is simply awesome! This is my favorite kind of play. The way you describe it is very fascinating! You need to post some pictures with these words----even though your words do a fabulous job of describing the experience! Thanks again for the compliments! Good luck with making the cookies. You could do it with play dough and just use them as a decoration too!

MullenAvenueWorkshop said...

Thanks Melissa for dropping in!
This is my favourite kind of play as well!
Children learn alot in simple activities I think, and my best most vivid childhood memories are of playing outside

I'm hoping to start posting some pictures in the next week or so.

Have a super weekend!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

Just added to the cookie post about making these with play dough and letting them harden to be a decoration for an Easter tree! Thanks Brenda!