Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Wonderful Day to do some Spring cleaning


Today, because our enrollment was low due to spring break, I was assigned to clean our deck. So I didn't work with my group, and spent the whole day in the fresh air, washing everything down to get the winter's grime off, and get the deck ready to be an outdoor play space. We're very lucky to have this, and it was enjoyable to just do some physical work, and enjoy the warm day. I missed my children, and will enjoy them more tomorrow for this!

So here's some paint blots we made earlier in April. We decided they looked like butterflies.

I hope you are also enjoying some sun and spring weather where you are!


child central station said...

We are absolutely loving being able to be outdoors for longer periods of time! I love your blot paintings! Our little ones like to call it squish painting!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

My children and I are also loving the warm temperatures, and getting outside. Shedding all the winter clothing is a plus too!
Thanks for dropping in, and leaving a comment here.
Squish painting is a good way to describe it! :)